Civitan Annual Giving Programs


President’s Council

This annual giving program helps to support the work of Civitan International by underwriting the expenses of the planned giving and philanthropy department. This support comes back to Civitan as event sponsorships, legacy gifts, major gifts and other essential fundraising income. These gifts provide the basis for stable funding for our charitable activities.  Members of the Presidents Council make a monthly donation, with membership levels starting at $10 per month. Donations are tax-deductible for United States citizens. All members are recognized in that year’s Annual Report and invited to the President’s Council reception at the International Convention. To sign up or renew your President’s Council Membership, click here. To sign up or renew by mail, click here.

To learn how the money is invested, download the fact sheet here. To find out more about the President’s Council, or to join, please contact 1-800-CIVITAN, ext:116.


Light the Way

Light the Way is the first true major gifts campaign Civitan has ever done. We are asking our members to support Civitan through individual gifts. We will gladly accept club and district gifts as well, but our focus is on individuals.

What does Light the Way money support?
All donations to Light the Way go into a separate account to start a cash reserve for Civitan. Most non-profits have a cash reserve and it is a generally accepted practice in the non-profit world. This fund ensures Civitan will be financially stable in this ever-changing economic environment.

Why is a campaign like this needed for Civitan?
Many factors play into the launch of this campaign, but the overall reason is to put the organization in a better place financially. Civitan needs an emergency fund to lean on in the future. While we have had some resources considered to be a “rainy day” reserve, much of that has been used on operating costs after membership declines have brought in less revenue than expected. We have done a lot of work in the last year to cut expenses and set the organization on a better path. The start of this fund is one step in doing that.

What else are we doing to combat the financial issues at Civitan?
The staff here at Civitan International Headquarters are working hard to be good stewards of our dollars by cutting costs, tightening budgets, and reviewing all major spending. The board has created a five-prong approach to combat our current problems and prevent future financial issues. We want to be part of the solution to see this organization succeed and thrive and we are on board with these changes. Two independent financial reviews were recently done, and both recommended we move forward with a campaign of this type.

What is the goal of the campaign?
Our goal is to make Civitan viable for years to come. Based on our research and financial advice, this should equate to $2 million over a three-year time frame. This amount would cover all the required expenses at Civitan for a year. That is the recommended amount for a fund of this type.

How can we give?
Light the Way pledge forms are available through the philanthropy department or the links below. Please reach out to or 1-800-Civitan ext: 109. We are focusing on individual gifts but clubs who have members supporting can qualify to be a Beacon of Light Club. We also gladly accept club and district gifts. Thank you so much for your consideration in supporting this important initiative. Donate to Light the Way here.

Major Gifts Society

The Civitan International Major Gifts Society was instituted in the summer of 2015. This program was designed as a meaningful way to recognize Civitan’s highest-level donors who give important financial support to Civitan International. This recognition can only be attained through personal contributions. Major Gift Society donors support Civitan for a variety of reasons but they share one common attribute: They are committed to being Champions of Service for our Mission.

Membership in the Major Gifts Society is lifelong. Along with specific Major Gift Society recognition pins and pendants, members receive several other benefits commensurate with their generosity. Donors may elect to receive a crystal recognition piece and a specially designed pin, commemorating their gift.

Individuals and couples who contribute more than $200,000 USD become members in the Founders Society. These members will have their portraits hung at the Civitan International Headquarters. They will also be given a special crystal statue and lapel pin,and invited to a special, private event at each International Convention.

Download the Major Gifts Society brochure here.

Legacy Society

Civitan’s Legacy Society recognizes individuals who contribute to Civitan through a planned gift. Planned giving options include: bequests, beneficiary designations of life insurance or retirement plan assets, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, and gifts of property. National Guardian Life also offers a special life insurance policy for Civitans. Please watch the infographic  for more information.  All members receive special recognition, including a lapel pin and an invitation to the President’s Council Reception at international conventions.

Charitable gifting brochure

Charitable gifting authorization form

To find out more about the Legacy Society, please contact us, at 1-800-CIVITAN.


 Club Fundraising & Giving Programs


Civitans at the Helm

Civitans at the Helm is the way your club can support our flagship program, the Civitan International Research Center. Donations towards the breakthrough golf tournament, Coin revenue, gifts in honor of Civitans, and gift directly to the CIRC all count towards CATH. Recognition levels are determined by each club’s average donation per member. The levels are:

  • Helmsman: $10 per member average
  • Navigator: $25 per member average
  • Captain: $50 per member average
  • Commodore: $75 per member average
  • Admiral: $100 per member average
  • Admiral of the Fleet: $200 per member average

To support the Civitan International Research Center and become a Civitan at the Helm, donate here.

For more information on the Civitans at the Helm program, click here (pdf format).



Candy and Coin Box

Civitan’s Candy Box Program is one of Civitan’s oldest and most well-known fundraising programs, which supports hundreds of international and local charity projects, and helps thousands of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In recent years we’ve launched our coin box program. It maintains the same tenants as the candy box just with the candy. Both programs are great fundraisers for your club!

To find out more about Civitan’s Candy Box and Coin Box fundraising programs, please contact Bonita Bigbee, Member Giving Specialist, at or call her at 1-800-CIVITAN, ext. 116.

Fellows Program

 Clubs and individuals can recognize a deserving Civitan or other special person by honoring them with a fellow. We offer fellows from $1,200 to $2,500 and junior fellows from $300 to $600. Fellows help fund academic scholarships and support research at the Civitan International Research Center. Click here for more information on the Civitan International Fellows Program (pdf format).