2020 Virtual Convention Events

Civitan International will hold the 2020 Virtual Convention on July 23-25, 2020. This event is open to all Civitans to attend free of charge. The event will include a modified Opening Ceremony combined with the Business Session, a Philanthropy Session, an International Signature Service Project, and conclude with a Celebration of Champions where we will honor International Honor Keys and North American Awards. President Perkal will address membership through a special thank-you on Saturday evening and we will install President-Elect Frank Kelley.

Virtual Convention Itinerary

Use the following dropdown menu to learn more about the Virtual Convention events and what is happening with the Break-thru Golf Tournament and Civitan Fest. Updated Convention FAQs can be found below as well.

Opening Ceremony / Business Session | Thursday, July 23rd at 6:00 PM CST

This session, which usually occurs on the first full day of convention, is one that includes the latest updates on the organization’s mission, health, and future. This year’s virtual session will feature a report from President Patsy Perkal, a finance report, a report from the organization’s Executive Vice President, updates on the Junior Civitan and International programs, and a board roundtable where general membership can ask questions on any topic.

Philanthropy Session with Dr. Craig Powell | Friday, July 24th at 6:00 PM CST

Our philanthropy session is one of the favorites of convention. This year’s virtual session will include a special treat from the Civitan International Research Center, a Q and A with Dr. Craig Powell, Director of the Civitan International Research Center, and the recognition of several philanthropic accomplishments including Fellows awards and the Candy Box program’s HOPE award.

International Signature Service Project | Saturday, July 25th

Your club and its members can take part with other Civitan clubs across the world as we introduce one of our new signature service projects. Details of this project will be unveiled soon, but it has been created with impact – and social distancing – in mind. Let’s join together as one to make a huge difference in the lives of others on this special day!

Celebration of Champions | Saturday, July 25th at 6:00 PM CST

Plan to dress up for this Saturday evening event as we come together for a Celebration of Champions! Prior to this evening, we will help you get your “home banquet menu” prepared so we can all celebrate together from the comfort and safety of our homes! Included in this program we’ll present International Honor Keys and North American Awards (competitive club and district). We’ll share a special thank-you to President Perkal, recognize our Governors and Governors-Elect, and the installation of President-Elect Frank Kelley. President-Elect Kelley will then take a few moments to address membership as we make plans for the coming year.

2020 Philanthropy Events

Civitan Fest transitions to Walk and Roll for Research

As much as we would love to play Plinko and giant Jenga on Zoom, carrying out a virtual Civitan Fest would be a bit tricky. This year, Civitan Fest will adapt in order to connect with membership and raise support for our flagship project. Save the date for August 31st – September 7th for Civitan Fest: Walk & Roll for Research!

Playing on a former Junior Civitan event, Walk & Roll for Research will invite Civitans from across the world to select a day during this designated week (8/31-9/7) to sport their favorite Civitan gear and walk or ride for certain period of time. We encourage clubs to come together to form a team and execute this event on a club level. This would be a unique opportunity to invite potential members to join in the fun and learn more about your club. Click here to register for Walk & Roll for Research.

Break-thru Golf Tournament

Current and future registrants will take their golf game to their local, favorite course anytime during the week of August 31st through September 7th. Ground rules will be established for play, scores will be reported back to International, and fundraising totals will be taken into account to determine awards/recognitions. Each golfer will be sent a player pack prior to the week of play and will also continue to raise money on their individual webpages and through efforts like one-on-one asks. A virtual awards session/wrap up party will be held Tuesday, September 22nd for this event. Click here to register for Golf.

Additional FAQs


Civitan International Convention 2021

Jacksonville, Florida

Wednesday, July 7 – Saturday, July 10

The 2020 Civitan International Convention slated to take place in Milwaukee, WI for July 26-29 was cancelled by the Civitan International Board of Directors. Read the following letter from Civitan International Presdient Patsy Perkal for more details on this decision.

Click here to read the full letter from Civitan International President Patsy Perkal