Civitan International has several events and efforts throughout the year to financially support our flagship project and operations at world headquarters that support membership.

Civitan International’s Breakthru Golf Benefit just completed its 30th year at the annual convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. The next golf tournament will take place at the 2024 Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Additionally, Civitan’s other exciting fundraiser is Walk & Roll for Research, which is headed into its 5th year for the Civitan International Research Center. You can participate as an individual or rally your Civitan friends to create a team. Walk & Roll is your opportunity to make a difference for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and other brain conditions. Participants walk or utilize their wheelchairs to complete a short, fun course to raise awareness with friends.

Junior Civitan’s All In Summit is where Junior Civitan leaders raise money to support the Civitan International Research Center and attend a weekend-long leadership summit in Birmingham, Alabama. Click here to make a donation or support a Junior Civitan leader at the All In Summit.

Light the Way is a campaign launched in the summer of 2018 to ensure the future of the organization.  To support Civitan International through the Light The Way campaign, click here.

The President’s Council is an elite group of members who have decided to make an annual donation to Civitan in order to keep its philanthropy efforts going.  Click here to donate.