General Forms

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Build A Club

Click here for club building manuals, banners, certificates and sample bylaws.


Click here for ways to support Civitan including President’s Council, Fellows and Civitans at the Helm. Resources for Philanthropy liaisons can be found here as well.


Click here for resources on IRS filings, International records, and liability insurance.


Click here for officer training information and to sign up for workshops.

International Board

Click here for board minutes and agenda information (password required).


Click here for info on promoting the CIRC in your club.

International Fundraising Events

Click here for information on club fundraising projects including golf, Putt and Chip, Sno-Do, and Dance-a-thon.

Jr. Civitan

Click here for forms and information on sponsoring a Junior Civitan club.


Click here for reports, forms, manuals and award information for Campus Civitan.


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International Clubs

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Club Fundraising

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