Civitan International is a global organization impacting lives at the grass roots level through local service clubs. Members of Civitan share a Servant’s Heart and a desire to create positive change for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.


Founded in Birmingham, Alabama in 1917, Civitan expanded rapidly into a global force for change. The message of good citizenship rooted in compassion, service, and respect for people in need is just as important today as it was on our first day more than a century ago.


The Civitan International Research Center is the flagship program of Civitan International. Deeply rooted in the core mission of Civitan—serving people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities—the CIRC conducts cutting edge research in brain-related issues such as autism, rett syndrome, down syndrome and many others. Civitan International is the only service organization dedicated to these issues which affect one in six people worldwide.






Civitan International
Civitan International
Happy Valentines Day from Civitan International! We are head over heals for all the projects our clubs are doing to serve their communities!

Has your club done a project lately? Don't forget to tag Civitan International in the post!
Civitan International
Civitan International
Congratulations to all our Junior Civitans, chaperones and staff who just completed a very successful Sno-Do weekend! Our total fundraising for the event is $64,192 and counting! Thank you to all the clubs and individuals who supported these efforts and helped us hit a five year high for fundraising! We could not have hosted such a great event without support from our sponsors Agincourt Toronto Ont. Civitan Club, Civitan International Chesapeake District, The Foundation for Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, London Middlesex Civitan Club, and Don Mills Inc. Civitan Club. A special thanks to our local partners Civitan International Foundation of Canada, Barrie Civitan Club, Midland Civitan Club, Fox's Bakery, and Canadian District West Junior Civitan.
Civitan International
Civitan International
Are you a certified club builder? If so, check out the club builder apparel that was introduced last summer at the Reno Convention. Only certified club builders are eligible to purchase these items, which are available in navy, grey, and black to distinguish the different club building levels. Order your club builder apparel today! #membershipmonday #clubbuilders #civitan #championsofservice Use the following link to download the order form and return completed copies to your Membership Specialist http://www.mediafire.com/file/4i75mig0u3cw5w7/CBA_Pricing_%252B_Form.pdf/file

Clergy Appreciation Week is less than a month away. Does your club participate? Tell us in the comments!

Did you know the Civitan tradition of honoring local clergy began 58 years ago as a project of the Albuquerque Breakfast Civitan... https://t.co/zUfeNORjUG

Here's an inspiring story to start your Wednesday. https://t.co/ipgQenbPp7
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