Civitan is the only major service organization serving people with I/DD through local projects, charitable events and research funding.

Civitan serves people in the I/DD community through service project and research funding.

Civitan encourages good citizenship by building local clubs geared to meeting local needs.

Civitan encourages people of all ages to take an active role in service to others.

Civitan honors educators and other leaders in service to people with I/DD.

Civitan empowers members to serve people in need though local clubs, fundraising, and leadership opportunities.

Civitan encourages members to be aware of opportunities to serve others and addresses a wide-range of needs at the local level.

Civitans around the world donate their time, skills and leadership to impact the lives of families and individuals with a variety of needs.

Civitan honors clergy through the creation of Clergy Appreciation Week.

Civitan develops future leaders by encouraging people of all ages to take an active role in society.

Civitan builds character and trains the next generation’s leaders through the  Junior and Campus programs.