WALK & ROLL FOR RESEARCH (Formerly Civitan Fest)

ntroducing the 2020 Walk and Roll For Research, a walk/ride event bringing awareness to Civitan International’s mission and raising money for its flagship project, the Civitan International Research Center. This event was created with impact – and social distancing – in mind – as we Civitans unite in our various communities for our cause following the cancellation/revision of the Civitan Internaivitational Convention and its coordinating fundraisers. Click here to register today.

Civitan International Breakthru Golf Tournament

he world-renowned facility with the top doctors and scientists specialized in intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Civitan International is proud to host the 27th Annual Civitan Breakthru Golf Benefit. The Breakthru brings together some of the world’s most philanthropic citizens in support of people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our golfers take pride in the numerous breakthroughs that have resulted because of the millions raised over the event’s lifetime. Please support the golfers at this year’s benefit, or better yet, join them!



Have you heard about this year’s Dance a Thon? While it’s true that we cannot hold it in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this has not diminished our enthusiasm and we are proud to announce the 2020 Dance a Thon Virtual Prom, which will be held on June 26th from 6:00-8:00PM. Dancers must still raise at least $50 to participate, and we’re excited this virtual format will allow more dancers from across Junior Civitan to join in on supporting such an amazing cause. The researchers at the Civitan International Research Center continue to work hard on the front lines, and we fully believe in our responsibility to continue to support each of them and the incredible work they are doing. Please consider supporting us as we look to make this the most successful Dance a Thon ever!


Junior Civitan International is proud to host a new spin on the traditional fundraising event, Sno-Do. In February 2020, the All In Summit will take place in Birmingham, Alabama, home of the Civitan International Research Center. The All In Summit brings together Junior Civitan’s international and district leaders in support of people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Junior Civitans have incredible passion and fundraise thousands of dollars for the Civitan International Research Center. Click here to support your district’s governor at the All In Summit.