Edward Thomas’ first interaction with Civitan came in the late 1980s when he was working as commercial photographer. He was hired by Civitan to capture moments at different conventions and events. Thomas worked for Civitan for six years before joining as a charter member of the Perimeter Civitan Club in 1993.

“Louis Stephens twisted my arm.”

Thomas has been a member of the Perimeter Civitan Club in Birmingham ever since taking only a small hiatus in the mid-90s to join the Alabama Action Campus Civitan Club when he returned to school.

Over the years Thomas has served as club president, club treasurer, and district treasurer for Alabama Central.

With almost 30 years under his belt, he noted that his favorite project has been building wheelchair ramps with his fellow club members.

“I enjoy the projects we do and the people in my club and the friendships we have. And we don’t have to wear funny hats.”

His advice to new members?

“Become involved if you can on a board or chairing a project. Step up and speak up for a project. Existing members would be more than happy to hear new ideas.”