It is with a heavy heart we share that Louis Stephens will be retiring from Civitan International. 

Louis’s roots with our organization began as a Junior Civitan, as he is our 1975-76 Junior Civitan International President.  Perhaps his most notable accomplishment in that role was creating the President’s Challenge Sno-Do held in Canada.  It would become a long-time tradition in our history that we all would come to know as Sno-Do. 

Over the last four decades on staff, he has held many roles, starting with janitorial and print shop work as a student.  He would then work for several years in our Junior Civitan/youth department, where he would cherish putting together several conventions and supporting several boards of directors.  Louis would be the staff liaison who facilitated such accomplishments amongst our Juniors as the creation of the Hall of Fame awards as well as revising the Junior Creed to the verses we still repeat today.  In 1993, Louis transitioned to the membership department where he supported Civitan clubs from across North America.  He would wear hats like Director of Growth and Retention and Vice President of Membership-Leadership over time.  He not only spent his time encouraging members to strengthen the organization but he also built clubs himself. In fact – the first club he built is still active.  In the last two years, Louis helped the organization audit and start anew with many of our international clubs among many other feats.  His work alone to clean up this program is something we will be forever thankful for.

“The one thing I will always respect about Louis is that he holds Civitan close to his heart.  Civitan is a part of who he is – and he not only did it for a living but he also is the lifeblood of his personal club and has been for several years,” says Scarlet Thompson, Executive Vice President.  He has been seen building ramps, selling fruit cake and conducting mini golf tournaments, all in the name of his community and our organization.  He loves us, and we love him.