The Light the Way initiative was unveiled in 2018 to generate an operating reserve for Civitan International.   An operating reserve is a “rainy-day” fund, for when emergencies arise and/or there is a significant, unexpected decrease in income or expenses.  This effort helps ensure the legacy of Civitan continues despite any future challenges.  The Light The Way fund is restricted by the International Board of Directors and not a penny has been spent since its inception.  To watch a video on this effort, click here.

Individuals, clubs and districts can all donate to this important initiative.  While we’ll welcome a donation of any amount, the following levels of giving receive special recognition:


Individual Giving

Trailblazer Level – $1,000  – either in increments or a total gift over a 3 year span

These donors receive personal and exclusive updates from CI’s Executive Vice President on the workings of the world headquarters, recognition at the International Convention, and recognition in the organization’s annual report, among other benefits.

Phoenix Society – $25,000 – over time

These donors will receive the benefits above, along with a one-of-a-kind, yearly donor experience in Birmingham that will bring them up close and personal to the mission of the organization.


Club Giving

Clubs that collectively give $25,000 and up specifically to this campaign and over the three-year period (through the club or individual club members who are donors) will be considered “Beacon of Light” clubs.  This is an additional honor aside from Civitans at the Helm recognition.  Clubs that reach this milestone will earn the right to a one-on-one experience with a researcher from the Civitan International Research Center, a VIP visit from headquarters staff/top volunteer leadership, and a special banner.

Would you consider a gift today?  Click here.