General Liability Insurance for Civitan Clubs and Members

Civitan International has secured new general liability coverage with Philadelphia Insurance Companies through Valent Group.  Following is a summary of coverage, as well as a list of frequently asked questions.

  • Official Civitan clubs have limited liability protection under an insurance plan provided through Civitan International.  Covered parties include:  Civitan Clubs, Districts, Junior and Campus Clubs; Club Members (but only with respect to their liability for activities on behalf of Civitan).
  • This new policy includes expanded coverage for special events (see exceptions below).  If there is a question whether an event is covered, contact Civitan International.
  • When liability insurance coverage applies, each club or district, as well as its officers and members, are insured when named in a covered lawsuit for acts committed by such persons (but only while working within the scope as a Civitan Club member and under Civitan direction).
  • Insurance protection should never be assumed for ALL Civitan activities.  Many activities and exposures are NOT insured, including (but not limited to):  parades; shooting activities; fireworks; carnivals/fairs with mechanical rides; hip-hop or rap concerts; events with contact sports; rodeos; political rallies; any event with liquor requiring a license; etc.  If there is a question about conducting or sponsoring an activity, or whether such activity or sponsorship falls within the insurance protection, contact Civitan International.


As determined by each circumstance, here are a few examples of claims that normally fall under liability protection: 

  • Claims for covered bodily injury or property damage which occur on the premises of or as a result of Club or Chapter activities;
  • Claims for personal injury and advertising injury, including libel, slander, defamation of character, false arrest, invasion of privacy, detention and malicious prosecution;
  • Claims for liability resulting from the sale of foods and beverages or other fund-raising products;
  • Claims for host liquor liability when serving or giving alcoholic beverages at functions incidental to your Chapter or Club provided that no permit or license is required prior to serving alcohol.  Chapters should check with individual states and local law regarding liquor law regulations;
  • Claims for bodily injury or property damage resulting from work completed by or for your Civitan Club; however, if work is conducted by a contractor on behalf of your Civitan Club, liability protection will NOT protect the club unless specified documentation is obtained from the contractor in advance;
  • Claims arising from fire damage to premises not owned by a Chapter or Club but used for Chapter or Club sponsored activities.


PLEASE NOTE:  Coverage depends upon the actual facts of each case and the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the insurance policy.  For a complete description of the scope and limitations of coverage, you may request a copy of the policy from Civitan International by emailing

CLICK HERE to download a Liability Insurance FAQ Document