Ten minutes outside the city limits of Orlando, Florida stands Lake Howell High School, where Junior Civitan has been a chartered club since December 13, 1974. Hundreds of passionate members have come through the club in the last 45 years, one of them being current member Lauren Sickles.

Just a year after joining the club, Lauren has made a positive impact not just on her community, but also on her club members. “She is the type of person to volunteer first, hug you when you’re upset, encourage you to do better, and support you when you’re striving for excellence,” said Heather King, 2018-2019 Advisor of the Year. That is exactly the kind of person her fellow members wanted serving as their club’s secretary and one of the reasons she was selected to serve as an ambassador on the International Campaigns committee.

Sickles’ favorite service project is the club’s own Environmental Awareness Campaign – their annual Lake Grace clean-up. The club plants various plants on the bank to act as a natural and clean filtration system. Because of projects like this, Junior Civitan has taught Sickels that what she does can make a positive impact on those she helps. Lauren looks forward to continuing to make a positive impact in the future as she aspires to become an American Sign Language interpreter living in New York City.