In less than a month, Junior Civitan Governors and International Board will meet in Birmingham, Alabama, for the inaugural All In Summit. This new twist on a traditional Junior Civitan fundraiser stands ready to make its mark on Junior Civitan history by being a weekend that embodies the principles and mission of Civitan’s longest standing program.

To date, the nineteen Junior Civitan Governors and International Board members worked diligently to raise an outstanding $53,782 to support the Civitan International Research Center. Local Birmingham corporations have been moved by Junior Civitan’s commitment to our flagship project and have pledged to stand with Junior Civitan by sponsoring the inaugural event.

Additionally, over a dozen community organizations and small businesses have offered their support by donating their time and talents. Birmingham is ready to go ALL IN with Junior Civitan and ensure guests experience the charm, culture, and history that makes Birmingham the wonderful city that it is.

The only thing that’s more southern than a warm and inviting “nice to have ya’,” is topping it with pulled pork and a pickle. Add a side of Birmingham’s best banana pudding and you have the makings for a delightful Welcome Dinner. Friday evening, guests will be treated to a Welcome Dinner that’s full of southern charm. Following dinner, governors can expect to enjoy a night of fun games and music while chaperones are treated to desserts and coffee at a separate reception.

In addition to the Welcome Dinner, All In guests can expect several opportunities to pick up from where they last left each other or build new friendships. Fellowship is a large part of being a part of Civitan, and Junior Civitan Governors and International Board will enjoy activities that will foster those connections.

Governors Update is sure to be a unique opportunity for governors to learn from one another and share their experiences. Governors will participate in collaborative sessions that aim to help these young leaders strengthen and grow their districts.

Visiting the Civitan International Research Center is a major reason for hosting the event in Birmingham. Our friends at the Civitan International Research Center have prepared exciting activities that have never been experienced by any Civitan. Ensuring that this experience is enriching and stimulating is a wonderful gesture from those at the Research Center to show their gratitude for Junior Civitan’s support.

Nothing says Junior Civitan like a fun and creative service project. Birmingham is home to thousands of nonprofit organizations that support the community in a number of special and unique ways. The inaugural Benefit BHM service event will consist of hands-on projects that are sure to impact hundreds in the Birmingham area.

Junior Civitan Governors will show their appreciation for the city of Birmingham by completing a series of service projects. For Meals on Wheels, governors will pack grocery bags for elders who live alone so they can have food on the weekends. For Growing Kings, governors will pack snack bags for young boys to enjoy while they’re on field trips. For Vineyard Family Services, they’ll assemble hygiene kits for young children who are in need. For Ribbons of Hope, governors will learn how to make autism awareness ribbons that will later be gifted to individuals with autism and their family members.

The inaugural All In Summit is positioned to foster the growth of our Junior Civitan Governors. It’s prepared to leave a mark on the hearts of every individual in the city of Birmingham through Benefit BHM. But most importantly, it will connect our youngest fundraisers to the core that unites all Civitans across the world – the Civitan International Research Center.

All of this would not be possible without the support of our Civitans and Civitan clubs. Thank you to all of those who have generously supported their Junior governors to help get them to Birmingham.

There’s still time to go ALL IN! Support your governor at the All In Summit by donating today at