Junior Civitan Hall of Fame


Adult volunteers who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to Junior Civitan may be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Applications are available in PDF format; nominations must be received by May 1.


Meredith Abramson (2014) was recognized for ten years of advising not one, but two, Junior Civitan clubs.  She has also twice won Advisor of the Year.  She has mentored several international officers that came from her club, and was instrumental in her clubs winning many international awards.

Bob Robinson (2014) served as district chairperson three times, attended over 11 World Junior Civitan Day celebrations, and helped charter three clubs in the Canadian East District.  He has helped coordinate numerous Dance-a-thons and attended more than ten Sno-Do events.

Wendy Robinson (2010) has attended every Dance-a-thon and Sno-Do since 2000 and has acted as Canadian East District Coordinator for Dance-a-thon every year since 2004. She’s been involved in the building and rebuilding of at least 4 clubs and has faithfully worked to energize the district.

Virginia Vilardi (2007) attended every district and international convention for seven years, rebuilt struggling clubs, and created new projects to support the UAB Civitan International Research Center.

Judith Miller (2007) served as district chair, built new clubs, and chaperoned numerous events. She tirelessly promoted the organization to Civitans, leading to renewed cooperation between adults and Junior members.

Donna Grice (2005) was recognized for her seven years of outstanding support. Her district became the largest in Junior Civitan, thanks to her enthusiasm and innovative ideas as district co-chair and chair. She also built or assisted with the building of 25 new clubs.

Teresa Honeycutt (2004) attended 17 international conventions, built three new clubs, and served as district co-chair and chair during her 23 years of Junior Civitan involvement. She was also a strong supporter of Junior Civitan while serving as a Civitan district governor.

Jeanne Jarrett (2004) served as district chair for five years, during which time she helped to build several new clubs. She created numerous service projects, some of which were so unique and effective that they were adopted by other districts.

Daniel Fischer (2003) took members in his area to every international convention for 21 years. He strongly supported international projects as district co-chair, leading his clubs to 100% Collection Selection participation for eight straight years.

Betsy Nunnery (2002) was a tremendous supporter of South Carolina Junior Civitans for 28 years. She served as club advisor for two clubs, and mentored numerous other new club advisors.

Dorothy Fleck (2001) was involved with Junior Civitan for 23 years, during which time she assisted with the formation of two new clubs.

Susan Belcher (2000) attended 24 district or international conventions, served as a Civitan International board representative on the Junior Civitan International board of directors, and organized five clubs. She also served as district chair and club advisor.

Eugene McClellen (1999) served as the chairperson representative on the Junior Civitan International board of directors, coordinated the 1991 international convention, and helped establish an annual district scholarship program.

Susan C. Dernosek (1999) became interested in Junior Civitan after judging a competition at an international convention in her hometown. She went on to serve as district chair and build three new clubs.

Judith Fleming (1997) developed an innovative membership program that was later adopted on a pilot basis by Junior Civitan International. She was a district chair, club advisor, and the builder of five new clubs.

Ann Swader (1995) attended numerous international events and served on the committee to review the international award criteria. She was a district chairperson for six years and helped to form 11 new Junior Civitan clubs.

Jim Fleck (1995) served as district chairperson for five years, during which time 19 new clubs were chartered. He also created innovative training materials for both club advisors and sponsoring Civitan clubs.

Sandy Caviness (1994), Civitan International’s first official female member, built five Junior Civitan clubs. She promoted her clubs extensively through local news coverage and by submitting stories to Countdown Magazine.

Duane Capps (1994) was a district chairperson and 10-year supporter of Junior Civitan. After personally building five clubs, he assisted with the formation of 12 others. He also recruited a student who later became the international president, and he helped one member become Junior Civitan’s first Master Club Builder.

Bettye Sue Bolen (1993) personally recruited 100 new members, served on numerous committees to revise constitutions and bylaws, and served as the Civitan International board representative on the Junior Civitan International board of directors. She also helped one club become the first to ever charter a senior Civitan club.

Bert Palmer (1993) was a district chairperson and Civitan International board member who traveled an estimated 6,000 miles to attend Junior Civitan recruitment meetings. He attended numerous international events, and his photography was often featured in Countdown Magazine.

Richard Gay (1992) built two new clubs and assisted with the chartering of five others. He was a club advisor, district chairperson, and director of the South Carolina Junior Civitan Leadership Conference.

Patricia Lewis (1992) was a district chairperson who created innovative new projects and programs, including a district-wide environmental project that planted 2,500 trees in just two years. She also worked to build new clubs outside of the US and Canada.

Deneen A. Seright (1991) was the first former Junior Civitan to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. She served in several different positions, and she was selected as the 1986 District Chairperson of the Year.

Frances K. King (1991) was Junior Civitan’s first Master Club Builder. She was also a club advisor and district chairperson.

James B. Abney (1990) was a club advisor, district chairperson, and chairperson representative on the Junior Civitan international Board. He helped to build nine new clubs.

Ed S. Jones (1988) built the first South Carolina club in 1964, and he served as chairperson from the district’s formation; by 1988, the district was 54 clubs strong. He developed the Collection Selection Campaign as a district project, and it was later adopted by Junior Civitan International.

Harvey C. Mitchell (1987) organized North Carolina’s first Junior Civitan club in 1949, created the state’s first district in 1955, and was involved with the expansion and formalization of the International program in the 1960s. He helped to draft Junior Civitan International’s first constitution and bylaws and created almost all of the organization’s early literature.