Please read carefully the following releases, waivers and policies, before agreeing and moving on to the registration form.

Liability Release and Waiver; Indemnification

The undersigned (hereinafter referred to as “Attendee”) acknowledges, understands, confirms and agrees that Attendee’s attendance at, and participation in any activities, events and functions (collectively, the “Activities”) associated with, the 2021 Civitan International Annual Convention (the “Annual Convention”) could result in injury to Attendee and/or damage to Attendee’s property from a combination of factors including, but not limited to, dangerous conditions at, in or about any lodging, dining, meeting, recreational and/or other facilities utilized for the Annual Convention and the Activities, transportation of Attendee to and from the Annual Convention and/or the Activities, third-party vendors contracted to provide goods and services for the Annual Convention and its attendees, unfavorable weather conditions, and other risks to Attendee from attending the Annual Convention and participating in the Activities.  Attendee fully realizes the dangers and risks to Attendee of attending the Annual Convention and participating in the Activities.  

In consideration of the time, effort and expenses incurred by Civitan International to host the Annual Convention and plan the Activities, and as a condition to Attendee being permitted to attend the Annual Convention and participate in the Activities, ATTENDEE HEREBY RELEASES, FOREVER DISCHARGES, AND AGREES NOT TO SUE OR BRING ANY OTHER LEGAL ACTION AGAINST THE RELEASED PARTIES (AS DEFINED BELOW) WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL CLAIMS AND CAUSES OF ACTION OF ANY NATURE WHETHER KNOWN OR UNKNOWN, WHICH ATTENDEE HAS OR MAY IN THE FUTURE HAVE AND WHICH COULD BE ASSERTED BY OR ON BEHALF OF ATTENDEE IN CONNECTION WITH ATTENDEE’S ATTENDANCE AT THE ANNUAL CONVENTION AND/OR ATTENDEE’S PARTICIPATION IN THE ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, CLAIMS OF NEGLIGENCE, NEGLIGENCE PER SE, NEGLIGENT MISREPRESENTATION, PREMISES LIABILITY, TORT CLAIMS, BREACH OF WARRANTY, STATUTORY VIOLATIONS AND BREACH OF CONTRACT.  The term “Released Parties” shall mean Civitan International and its officers, directors, managers, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers, assigns and successors in interest.  The foregoing release and waiver of claims shall not apply to claims arising from the grossly negligent, reckless or intentional conduct by any of the Released Parties. 

I understand and agree that I may be photographed during my attendance at the Annual Convention and while participating in the Activities. I agree to allow my photo, video, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by Civitan International and/or its districts and member clubs without compensation or notice to me.

Cancellation Policy

Requests for in-person registration refunds postmarked before  June 16 will be assessed a $15 processing fee. Requests for in-person registration refunds postmarked June 17 through July 13 will be assessed a 50 percent fee. Requests postmarked July 14 through July 27 are eligible for a 25 percent refund. Request for refunds of ticketed events will not be accepted after July 13. Cancellations due to bona fide emergencies (death or illness) will be honored, less the $15 processing fee, if received no later than August 30. No requests for in-person registration refund will be honored after August 30. All requests for in-person registration refunds must be received in writing. No refunds for virtual participation registrations will be honored at any time.