Civitan Connect is a new communications platform designed to support members at every level. This new initiative aims to encourage and support members as they engage with one another on social media and through regular targeted email newsletters.

Every two months, communications from Civitan International will focus on different ways to help members Achieve in 2020. Furthermore, each month will focus on different topics to help lead discussions and bring our members together.

October/November: How to Achieve in 2020

What’s Coming in 2020 – Civitan International headquarters have been busy creating innovative ways to better connect with our members and give you the resources you need to achieve in the new year.

Ways to Stay Better Connected – In a world where technology is integrated into so many facets of our lives, it can become overwhelming trying to keep up with everything. Join us in November as we share ways to incorporate user-friendly technologies to help you share and connect with your fellow Civitans.

December/January: How to Achieve Member Engagement

Engaging the Members You Already Have – Keeping your current members excited and engaged for club activities and community service is the key to a healthy club. We’ll share tips, ideas, and resources to keep those club members coming back for more.  

Recruiting New Members – Even the best clubs will lose a few members every year. In January, we’ll talk about ways to bring in fresh new faces, where to find them, and how to welcome them so your club will be growing and healthy for years to come.

February/March: How to Achieve Impact

Best Practices for Service Projects – Are you looking for a new way your club can impact your community, or just ideas on how to freshen up a project you’ve been doing for years? Join us in February to talk best practices for service projects including toolkits on how to carry out signature service projects. 

I/DD Awareness Month – The Civitan mission places an emphasis on serving and supporting those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). We look forward to celebrating I/DD Awareness Month in  March, highlighting the work of inclusive clubs, and discussing how you can advocate for awareness and inclusion for the I/DD community in your area.

April/May: How to Achieve Community Awareness

Spreading the Message of Civitan – No marketing professional in your club? No worries. In April, we’ll teach you how to spread the message of Civitan through marketing and publicity efforts using multiple channels. Topics will include social media, graphics, messaging, print marketing, and more.  

Fundraising for Impact  – Don’t be scared of the “F” word. Fundraising is necessary for your club to continue to give back to your community, and to our flagship project, the Civitan International Research Center. We’ll break it down to make it easy and fun so your club can maximize your impact without the stress.

June/July: How to Achieve Good Planning

Planning for Recognition  – The transition from incentives to personal, meaningful year-end recognition will take some planning. In September we’ll provide resources and toolkits you can use to easily carry out Civitan’s first-ever Member Appreciation Month.

Planning for 2021 – Planning is an essential stepping stone to success. In July, we’ll look ahead to the 2020-2021 Civitan year, and help your club set goals, make plans to achieve them, and transition well to new leadership.

August/September: How to Achieve a Great Year End

Ways to Finish Strong – As the Civitan year winds down, we might be tempted to wind down too. But we’re here to help you and your club cross the finish line with just as much strength, determination and excitement as you had in October.

Civitan International’s Inaugural Member Appreciation Month – For the first time ever, Civitan International will spend the entire month of September celebrating our members, and all of the amazing things you have achieved this year. Make sure to keep us in the loop about special projects or members who are going above and beyond, so we can highlight and appreciate notable service for the mission of Civitan.

Be sure to join the NEW Civitan International Official Facebook Groups to stayed connected with your fellow Civitans. If you hold a district or club position, you are invited to join the officer position Facebook groups and share ideas and encourage others who are in your same roles in other Civitan clubs across the world.

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We’re in this together, so let’s start connecting, Civitans!