Lynn Leitch, of the Fairfax Civitan Club, was recently recognized at an annual Fairfax, Virginia, InterService Club Council Volunteer Recognition Ceremony honoring various members from the local community. Lynn graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in Management and a minor in Information Technology.

Subsequently, she started working for Fairfax County Government in October 2005 with their “Bridges to Success” program, helping individuals with barriers connect with partners who can help them gain and maintain employment and access needed services.

Lynn joined Junior Civitan when she was in middle school. Moving up in leadership positions, by the time she was in eleventh grade, she became the Governor of the former Chesapeake District of Junior Civitan.

As she grew up, she joined the adult Civitan group, and once again she moved up the ranks in our Fairfax Club. After serving as Club President, she eventually became the youngest Civitan District Governor. Always supported and certainly encouraged by her mother Linda and her stepfather Ray, she was an effective and admired Governor.

When her terms of office were completed, Lynn continued to be very involved in Civitan, its objectives, and its projects. Comfortable when serving as a project leader, but happy to be “just” a helper, Lynn always is a cheerful contributor.

Lynn also has become invested in a related but separate organization called the Foundation for Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. There too, she served two terms as President of the FCIDD, and she continues as a senior member of the FCIDD Board and Executive Committee.

More recently, when the President-elect of the Fairfax Civitan Club became unavailable, Lynn stepped up and volunteered to serve by becoming Club President once again. Lynn has also been a top fundraiser for our Walk & Roll event. Thanks to Lynn for her dedication to Civitan International!