Current turnaround time for a Custom Civitan Club Logo is 14 business days.

Civitan Branding Guide

We Are Civitan! We were founded out of a desire to support our local communities on a level that meant more than just personal networking. We’ve since evolved into an international community of doers; individuals who are bound together with a common passion to follow The Golden Rule.

Civitan has a proud history of being trailblazers. We were the first volunteer service organization to open membership to women. We were the first volunteer service organization to allow people of color to join clubs. We are the only volunteer service organization that has a mission that supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are an organization of strong and bold individuals who collectively work together to uplift others.

It is important that our organization is represented in the same light whether we are in the Great Lakes of Michigan, the rivers in Alabama, or the mountains of Norway. In all four corners of the world, wherever there is a Civitan club, we must work together to ensure Civitan is presented under a cohesive brand.

Click here to download our Brand Book. 

Civitan Seal

Our logo, the Civitan seal, is a visual representation of the foundation set by our founders and their growing legacy. It represents the work we do within our communities and globally through the Civitan International Research Center.

The Civitan seal is the most used Civitan logo. The seal should always be used in an upright position, with one scalloped edge in the 12 o’clock position. The seal can be used alone on any of your club’s marketing materials as it is the most recognizable.

Civitan International Logo Downloads

Click to download variations of the Civitan Seal and Logo below. These downloads will be png format (an image with a transparent background). If you need another file type, please email




Blue/Gold Logo with Name

White Logo with Name 

Custom Civitan Club Logos

We are excited to provide custom-designed logos to represent your Civitan club! Examples below. If you are requesting a club logo, you will receive a seal logo and a horizontal logo. The seal logo will look great on brochures, meeting agendas, and on social media as a profile picture. The horizontal logo would look perfect as a letterhead or on a business card.

Complete the following form to have receive a custom logo for your club or district to proudly use on all print and digital materials. Please allow up to at least 14 business days to receive your custom logo. Turnaround times may vary depending on request volume.

Anniversary Logos

Anniversaries are special and we want you to celebrate them with a custom-designed anniversary logo for your club or district. Anniversary logos are available to clubs celebrating their 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, and 100th anniversary as a Civitan club or district.

You may use the following form to request a Civitan club and/or anniversary logo. Please be sure to review the application carefully before submitting. Your club’s name will appear exactly as it shows on this form and will be sent to the email address provided.

“We Are Civitan” Logo

“We Are Civitan” is a sub-brand of the parent brand of Civitan International. It was created to reach a new audience, who would identify better with a theme associated with the parent brand (the logo Civitan has used for decades).

In the past, International Presidents have introduced a theme for their governors and others to rally around. This developed sub-brand of “We Are Civitan” allows for that rallying to still happen, but with a more consistent message that reflects the parent brand. 

Civitan Colors

The Civitan seal is available in all five official colors of Civitan International, include traditional Civitan blue and yellow, light grey, dark blue, white. The various color options are available for use on different backgrounds. For instance, the white version of the Civitan seal can be used as a watermark or used on darker backgrounds.

Civitan Fonts

Civitan International has adopted the following fonts to maintain a consistent look when putting together presentations to brochures. If your computer does not have one of these fonts, consider using an alternative. These fonts were selected based on existing branding and their readability.

Approved Use of the Civitan and Affiliate Logos

The Civitan brand and logo has changed several times over the years. While the brand has experienced so much change, it is important to remain consistent and use the current logo and branding guidelines.

Clubs and districts are welcome to use the Civitan logo in their print and digital media as long as they are following a few simple guidelines.

Civitans may use the Civitan emblem in purely internal materials such as programs, directories, websites, and newsletters.
For promotional materials like brochures and newspaper advertisements, Civitans must have the club or district name prominently displayed with the Civitan logo.

For items to be sold to Civitans or non-Civitans, Civitans must gain permission from Civitan International Headquarters to use the Civitan logo.

  • Restrictions include the selling of items identical to items sold by the Civitan Supply House (such as a lapel pin or bell).
  • Use of the Civitan logo must include the club or district name.
The Civitan logo may not be used to manufacture items inconsistent with the values, aims, and purposes of Civitan International and its member clubs.
Do not distort, redesign, crop, or add artwork to the Civitan logo. This ensures that the Civitan image is presented in an attractive, consistent manner, in keeping with our organization’s values.
The Civitan logo may not be displayed on a permanent fixture of a building or residence without authorized consent from Civitan International key personnel.

Letter of Permission

Often times when using a vendor to print a trademarked logo on a t-shirt or even drawn onto a cake, you will be asked to produce a letter of permission to use the logo. If you are asked for a letter of permission, please send an email to with complete details.