What is a Civitan Beach Bash?

A Civitan Beach Bash is a customizable beach-themed party or event thrown by Civitans for individuals supported by local long-term care or residential facilities. Like many of us, elderly, medically fragile, or individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities won’t be able to vacation this year, so we are bringing the beach to them with this Beach Bash project toolkit!

Don’t worry, if throwing a party isn’t an option for your club or your partner agency, then there are other ways to help make this summer special. You could deliver beach-themed gift bags, snacks and decorations or collect supplies needed by the agency. This toolkit will walk you through choosing and customizing the best option for your club and the agency you choose to support.


The budget for this project will vary based on how many guests attend the Beach Bash. When planning your budget, consider the following:

– Determine if your club can partner with another club or clubs to purchase items in
bulk then divide them out to offset costs
– Consider purchasing items online when you can
– Begin looking now for deals and sales

For more information and suggestions, reference the Budget section of the Beach Bash Overview available here.

Organizations to Research

Think about organizations your club already works with – I/DD specific agencies or a senior center. If your club does not have a relationship with any of these certain organizations, then start by researching agencies that serve vulnerable communities – individuals with I/DD, the elderly, long-term care patients, etc. Use the sample letter to new organization template to help you reach out.

How to Make Contact

Start by reaching out to your agency contact. If you do not already work with an agency, look for a staff person at the organization who works in community outreach or volunteer coordination. Explain the project idea and work with them to determine if it would be a benefit for their residents or clients. Use the sample letter to organization if you have a contact template to help you get started.

Tasks & Timeline

Throwing a Civitan Beach Bash will take a lot of work and support from your fellow club members. Don’t delay getting started! Reach out to your club president or communicate with members in your club to get them involved.

Other Ways to Give Back on July 25th

– Go straight to the After Party! Host a donation drive on July 25th for a local organization to collect items they need. 
– Sponsor a meal for the organization.
– Make beach themed gift bags for the residents at the agency.
– Provide the agency with some new outdoor games and arts and crafts their residents can enjoy.
– Make the project your own!

July 25th is a day to show the world that Civitans are Champions of Service! The goal is to come together through service to give back to our communities across the globe.

Missed the Live Q&A? Here’s a recap!

Civitan International staff held three Q&A sessions to answer questions from club members about hosting a Civitan Beach Bash. Click here for an FAQ that answers some of the more common questions.

Civitan Beach Bash Overview

For a comprehensive guide on how to host a Civitan Beach Bash, please reference the Civitan Beach Bash Overview available here. This PDF includes:

  • Safety guidelines for staying on site during the event
  • Safety guidelines for not being on site during the event
  • Introductory letter to reach out to community agencies
  • Social media posts and captions
  • Press release
  • Event budget guide
  • Ideas and shopping list for decorations, food and drinks, games and activities, and gift bags
  • Technology 101
  • How to incorporate your Junior or Campus Club

Civitan Beach Bash Overview


Would you like to use the Civitan Beach Bash logo to print your own event t-shirts or perhaps to use it in an upcoming newsletter? Use the following links to download the Civitan Beach Bash logos. There are two logo variations available – full color and solid navy.

If a vendor asks for a Letter of Permission allowing you to use the logo, use this template. Simply add your name to the empty field.

Best Practices
  • Adapt the project to fit the abilities of your club
  • Individualize as much as possible
  • Donate hand sanitizer and wipes to the agency you’re working with
  • Review your community ordinances on safety in groups

You may consider asking community members and local stores to donate supplies for your Beach Bash. Use social media to promote a Beach Bash Supply Drive. Images and sample captions are availabale in the Beach Bash Social Media Guide.


You may consider asking sponsors for donations to help your club purchase supplies. You may even consider asking for in-kind donations for food or party favors.


Social media posts are availabale in the Beach Bash Social Media Guide. There you will find posts to promote the Beach Bash project, Supply Drive, and even an After Party Donation Drive.

General Safety

Click here to review the Civitan International Guidebook: Protecting Vulnerable Communities.

The following are general safety rules and guidelines for hosting the Civitan Beach Bash. Please be sure to follow all safety restrictions put in place by the agency you are working with as well as
following any community ordinances.

  • Keep it simple for setup and cleanup
  • Wash your hands before and after setup and cleanup
  • Wear masks and gloves during setup and cleanup
  • Consider setting up several hours before the event and leaving to maintain social distancing, then come back after the party is over to clean

Additional safety precautions are available in the Civitan Beach Bash Overview. This guide includes things to consider if you are hosting an event at a facility or off site.


This project should not require extended insurance coverage beyond general liability provided by Civitan International.

After Party Resources

Whether you’ve recouped from an epic Beach Bash and you’re ready for more or if you and your club decided a donation drive was better fit for you, use the following resources to help you get started.  You will also find flyers you can edit in Adobe Acrobat.

Did you throw a Beach Bash or host some other special event? We would love to learn how the project turned out and possibly feature your club in an upcoming issue of the Civitan Magazine ! Email us at growth@civitan.org.