February 19, 2020

Hi Civitans,

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve you as your International President and value each and every day that I am able to do it.  In this month’s newsletter article, I believe that I would like to chat with you about you, your value, and the organization’s responsibility to you as a member of our Civitan family.

To speak of family, we really have to start at the beginning and how did we get into this family in the first place. Well, I am sure that some of you wonder about that sometimes but there is always a reason. That reason can be that sometimes our family picks us or that it is our family that brings us into being. Well, Civitan is a lot like that.  We are brought into the family and sometimes we don’t like our family members but don’t let anyone say bad things about our family, or bad things will come down upon them. We are very protective of our family but we also need to open our arms to new family members that join our family. We need to nurture them, protect them and to be there when they need us. Civitans are very much like our own family, even part of a totally separate family. We don’t set out to start that family but Civitans have a way of doing that to each other. They help each other, they mourn family losses, they celebrate accomplishments and achievements, and they are together for life, or at least a long time! 

Each of you are valued members of the Civitan family and as the leader of the family, I feel connected and responsible for each one of you. But with that love and caring, comes responsibility to do what is right for the family.  We are faced with a situation, the approval of the Proposed Governance documents; that each of us as family members, have opinions about, perhaps strong opinions.  But when the day is done and we reflect on what is good for the family and the future, our decisions, or the decisions we need to make, look pretty good for our family. 

I close by sharing a line from our Civitan Creed, which I hope will speak to you: My Ears hear the cry of children and the call throughout the world for peace, guidance, progress, and UNITY.  “There is more that separates us than what divides us.”  Civitans: Let’s love and care for each other!

Keep the Faith,

January 25, 2020

Hello Civitans and thank you for your service!

 I wholeheartedly believe that we have many aspects of our organization that distinguish us from the other service organizations.  I would like to highlight two of these in this article.

 One is our Civitan International Research Center. I am sure that you are all aware of the priceless relationship that we have with our Civitan International Research Center and the reasons why we should be “shouting from the rooftops about it”.  CIRC speakers are available via ZOOM and there are videos that you can access on Civitan’s Vimeo page and on YouTube to show at your club meetings. Please use these resources to share knowledge with your members.   

 Second, is our annual observation of Clergy Appreciation Week, which Civitans have celebrated since 1963 to honor local clergy and lay leaders of all faiths for their dedicated service to their local community. Clergy Appreciation Week is typically observed during the week of February 3rd but you may observe it anytime during Febraury.  This Civitan tradition began with the chartering of the Albuquerque Breakfast Civitan Club in 1960. The members of the club decided to honor local clergy as their first major project and Civitan International soon adopted Clergy Week as an official project. Beginning with a proclamation at the 1962 Civitan convention in Dallas, Texas, the week of February 3 was selected to coincide with the sinking of the Dorchester and the story of the Four Chaplains. Make plans now to observe this project in your club!

In closing, our prayers go out to those that have personally been affected by Covid-19 and we hope that the vaccination process reaches all of you soon! I would like to ask Club Presidents to call each of their club members to check in with them to give them encouragement and support. Remember Civitan has always been about our relationship with one another so let’s love on one another in the name of Civitan. On an International note, I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to the Korea District, they are Rockin’ Civitan this year, even with the Pandemic!

 Your Friend,