Civitan of the Year: Keith Carpenter

Keith began in Civitan with TCC Campus Civitan (Tulsa, OK) in 2016-17 and quickly became president of the organization (2017-18). He participated in the Civitan Halloween Carnival 2016 and was hooked. His passion for the organization was most evident in his love for the Civitan Creed, which he ensured was read at each meeting. His successful recruitment of student members led to growth in the organization. He also networked with community partners, such as the Sac and Fox Nation and Church in Power International Ministry, to support the service projects.

Keith joined Starlight Civitan during this time and became involved in leadership within the senior club. He is currently serving as president of Starlight. He has been involved in numerous area and district meetings both as a campus and senior member.

Keith has a relentless dedication to all things Civitan, especially pertaining to our mission. His leadership inspires all those around him and particularly his fellow officers to contribute and participate in Civitan.

Service Project of the Year: TCC Campus

Oklahoma Miss Amazing Pageant (March 22-23, 2019): Miss Amazing is a national organization
with state affiliates that provides an opportunity for girls and women with disabilities to share their abilities and ambitions in a safe, empowering environment. Through pageant activities, all involved celebrate the multi-faceted identities, valuable abilities, and strengths of these amazing individuals and are inspired to empower themselves and each other.

Civitan members started their project by planning fundraising and promotional activities, which included having a presentation from the Oklahoma Miss Amazing State Director, Jordan Michaela, at
a meeting, to learn about the event. Jordan was formerly a president of TCC Campus Civitan, which is how she became involved in Miss Amazing. The members were buddies for the participants with disabilities throughout the two-day event. The members aided the participant in physical and emotional support through a wide variety of activities such as supporting participants while they spoke to the panel of judges and supporting them in each activity during the day of preparation and pageantry. They also aided in setup and tear down of equipment. They collected items to be auctioned, providing three silent auction baskets for the event and donated proceeds of fundraising totaling over $500 to the event as well.