To download one of the logos below, just right-click on the image and select “Save image as…” to save it to your computer. Click here to read Civitan International’s official policy on usage of the medallion logo.

Note: The logos on this page are formatted for small printing and online media. If you need a full-size image for printing, please contact the PR department at pr@civitan.org for a full-size file.


Digital Media Authorization

Civitan members, clubs and districts may use the Civitan name and emblem on their respective websites, social media accounts and other digital media, and as part of domain names and personal media addresses, provided that all such use of the Civitan trademarks are in accordance with the policies and procedures of Civitan International. Such use must clearly identify the member, club or district to ensure that Civitan International is not identified as the source of the content. The Civitan International Board shall exercise complete authority over usage of the name and emblem. Usage by a Civitan member, club or district in violation of the policies and procedures of Civitan International shall result in revocation of the limited license to use these trademarks without advance notice.


2017-18 Theme:

To download the Kindle Your Fire logo for the 2017-18 Civitan year, right click on the jpeg for web use or download the zip file here. The zip file will contain a jpeg, pdf and eps version, suitable for most uses.









Historical Logos

Use of the historical logos below is maintained by Civitan International, drawing on our past and continuing the recognition of Civitan’s community and club services under these marks. Clubs are NOT licensed to produce new material using the historical logos shown below unless a license agreement is expressly granted by Civitan International. If your club is using any version of the below logos, please contact the PR and Communications Department.







For more information on the Civitan International logo and related artwork, please contact PR & Communications Director Terry Schrimscher at 1-800-CIVITAN, ext. 134, or reach him via email at pr@civitan.org.



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