My fellow Civitans,

Since 1952, Civitan clubs have sold Claxton Fruit Cake.  The way we have sold the product has differed, depending on the decade, the community, and the abilities of each club.  In the last few years, Civitan International has seen great benefit from the opportunity to sell Claxton’s product to major food store chains like Publix, Food City and Bi-Lo.

Today, the company announced a change to the way they’d like their product to be represented.  This change was one decided by Claxton, but it was honestly not an unexpected one due to changes in the food sales industry.  The company will now take over all responsibilities with fruit cake sales to the major accounts.  That also means they take over all responsibility in relation to any rebates that come from those sales.

Clubs will now directly deal with Claxton Bakery, and the world headquarters will respectfully step aside from all transactions related to those sales.  Claxton has assured me they will take good care of our clubs, and they will still issue rebates as mentioned in their new policy document, which was sent to all governors, governors-elect, club presidents, club presidents-elect and fruit cake chairs today.  One other change I want to make you aware of is an increase to the minimum purchase to qualify for a rebate.  I invite you to review the policy document from Claxton and contact them with any questions or concerns.

In the meantime, I have attached some “talking points” related to Civitan International and this change.  Please keep these (along with Claxton’s policy document) handy when communicating this change to others within your district.

This is a change that we at International cannot influence at this time.  I encourage you to take this as an opportunity for your club to analyze what fundraisers are right for your group.  Selling fruit cake may still be a reasonable option for your club, or you may find that there’s an effort that may be more beneficial.   The world headquarters staff will be investigating other club fundraising options and unveil those at the upcoming Reno convention.

In conclusion, I would like to personally thank the Parker family and Claxton Bakery for their support of Civitan International.  It’s purely amazing to me that a more than 60-year-old partnership – one that was simply reliant on a gentleman’s agreement – has lasted this long.  I deeply appreciate the company pledging to still financially support Civitan International after this transition takes place.

Thank you all for understanding this change.  Please reach out to me directly with any concerns or questions.





Scarlet Thompson

Civitan International Executive Vice President

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